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We invite all independant artists, DJ's, and Record Labels to send or submit your mixtapes to us to start promoting your music on

The Mixtape Channel is a distribution and promotional music website currently in use to collect data about hip-hop artists to help the music industry & music labels create and execute new age business and distribution models.

By submiting your mixtape(s) You agree to only submit materials in which you have all legal rights, licenses, and permissions necessary to allow us to display your materials on and allow users, members or the general public to view, display, download, stream or request a physical disc for a small fee.

What's your advantage by submitting your mixtapes to be promoted here on

When you create your hard working creation with the intent to get recognition or promote your music or coming soon album, you as a DJ or Artist are creating these mixtapes on a digital version for download and promotional use, but are not taking the full advantage of really getting your promotions out to the public as you should.


Because you have to keep in mind that a lot or most people and fans want to listen to your mixtape on their home stereo or even there autos, but most people don't know how to burn a mixtape or simply don't want to deal with the hassle of the creation, and rather receive them already made on a disk.

What we provide and to your advantage? provides you with the advantage of promoting your music and mixtapes to all our members and network, as well as our other marketing’s around the World Wide Web.

We offer the advantage to all our members and people who wish to receive your music or mixtape already on a physical cd that they can play in any stereo or music player and take with them anywhere. We provide them Free and for Promotional Use Only!

However we do require a small fee to cover shipping, artwork labels, jewel case and pressed cd. Now your product, music or mixtape is reaching the hands of all your fans, our members network and many more new people who are now starting to be aware of mixtapes and who are searching for them as a physical product that they can enjoy in any music player.

How are the mixtape created?

Your mixtape is created very professional. It's not just a blank disc with a thermal name printed on disc and in a jewel case. We provide all mixtapes with front cover artwork, inside tracks list, in a slim line jewel case with full cover pressed on disc, and wrapped sealed in professional plastic wrapping. Our mixtape disc looks very professional and almost like a studio album.

How much is it going to cost me to promote my music or mixtape here on

This is the best part, nothing! 100% Free! Simply submit your music or mixtape to us, and let us do the rest, simple and 100% cost Free to you! We do however have one small request, and that is that you as a DJ, Artist or etc. follow us on tweeter and when possible send us some shout outs on your mixtapes from time to time thank you! 


How to submit your mixtapes?

Simply submit us your mixtape(s) or mixtape(s) download link to: with all the requested information. 

Please note: When submitting your mixtape(s). Include your complete music files along with cover artwork and complete track list. In the event that you don't have a cover artwork for your mixtape, then please contact us and let us know so that we can help guide you in the creation of a cover artwork for your mixtape.

If you don't have a download link to your mixtape(s), then we suggest to make an account at one of the following free file transfers/host files like where you can upload all your mixtape(s) and be able to provide a downlodable link for your mixtape(s).

Should you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact us at: